M&A Assessments

A merger or acquisition (M&A) is one of the biggest decisions of your professional life. M&A Assessment Services concentrate on identifying critical risks which could have a material impact on the near-term value of the new, combined organization.

Undisclosed data breaches, regulatory lapses, outdated technologies, weak hiring practices and poor third-party supplier management practices can have grave effects on the acquiring organization if not identified and understood. Every opportunity is unique and so too is the risk appetite of the organizations involved, but M&A assessment services often include the following:

  • Protecting Assets and Data: Identifying security risks ensures that the acquiring company can take necessary steps to protect its assets and sensitive data from potential breaches or unauthorized access during and after the M&A process.
  • Compliance Validation: Due diligence allows your company to assess the target company’s compliance with relevant data protection regulations and industry standards. Non-compliance can lead to legal and financial liabilities for the acquiring organization.
  • Cost Estimation: By understanding the existing security posture of the target company, I can help you estimate the potential costs involved in remediation, upgrading security infrastructure, and implementing necessary cybersecurity measures post-acquisition.
  • Negotiation Leverage: Awareness of security risks can provide leverage during negotiations. It allows your company to consider potential risks when valuing the target company and may lead to more favorable terms.

Let me put my experience with private equity to work, helping you make informed decisions to protect your interests and build a stronger, more secure combined entity.


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