Cybersecurity Program Advisory Services focus on identifying and thwarting the potential actions of attackers. Whether they are employee/contractor insiders, hacktivists, skiddies or nation states, effective cybersecurity program design provides your organization with a structured and systematic plan to address security threats.

Every organization is unique and so too are their cybersecurity objectives, but cybersecurity program advisory services often include the following:

  • Maturity Management: After conducting a gap analysis exercise aligned with one or more industry standards, we will work together to determine your target level or maturity and develop a roadmap to get there.
  • Improved Governance: Consistent, repeatable, value-driven processes are the keystone of effective organizations. In addition, they promote better communication and coordination between teams, and support a security-conscious culture. Whether you have no policies at all or just need a policy tune-up, I will provide as much or as little engagement as your organization requires.
  • Identified Vulnerabilities: Patch management alone is not enough. With 20 years of IT experience, I will help your organization identify threats to value and take proactive measures to address them before being exploited by malicious actors – damaging your reputation and bottom line.
  • Improved Incident Response: Incidents are a matter of when, not if. Playbook reviews and tabletop exercises can highlight potential weaknesses in your incident response process. By identifying and addressing those gaps, your organization can respond more effectively to security incidents, minimizing their impact and recovery time.
  • Managed Supplier Risk: Ineffective third-party risk management including those from cloud providers and AI, often go overlooked since many organizations incorrectly believe the contracting organization isn’t responsible for the risk. An effective third-party risk management program ensures that your organization’s data and systems are monitored and protected throughout the business lifecycle.

Let me help you minimize risks and build resilience against cyber threats.


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