Managed Risk and Compliance Services focus on maintaining alignment with one or more regulatory or industry standards established to address information-related risk. Whether you are subject to ISO, NIST, DFARS or no regulation at all, I will build and/or maintain an effective risk management and compliance program for your organization.

By proactively managing risk and compliance, I will help your businesses identify and address potential threats to value, provide assurance to third parties, and enhance your overall cybersecurity posture. Every organization is unique and so too are their risk appetite and compliance objectives, but managed risk and compliance services often include the following:

  • Risk-Informed Decision Making: A risk assessment provides valuable insights into your organization’s risk landscape. This information empowers decision-makers to make informed choices about investments in security measures and prioritize security-related projects effectively.
  • Business Alignment: An effective risk management program helps bridge the gap between information security and your organization’s overall business goals to ensure that security initiatives are driven by business needs and support the organization’s strategic objectives.
  • Audit Compliance: Whether in a regulated or unregulated industry, audits are the cost of doing business. An effective audit program will strike a balance between compliance obligations and resource commitments. I’ll apply my knowledge and experience from both sides of the table to ensure your audit is efficient and effective.
  • Lower Premiums: The demand and cost of cyber insurance has never been higher. By demonstrating a strong cybersecurity posture and robust risk management practices, your organization can reduce its perceived risk, which may result in lower premiums.
  • Managed Supplier Risk: Ineffective third-party risk management including cloud services and AI often go overlooked since many organizations incorrectly believe the contracting organization isn’t responsible for the risk. An effective third-party risk management program ensures that your organization’s data and systems are monitored and protected throughout the business lifecycle.

Let me help your organization demonstrate a commitment to robust information security practices and gain a competitive advantage.


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